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ph modifiers for tetrahedrite flotation

such as copper and lead sulphides or are the primary target mineral tetrahedrite Flotation response of silver minerals is normally best at natural pH because Use of soda ash for elevating pH is suggested as an alternative pH modifier

Feb 22, 2012 Effect of particle size, slurry pH, flotation time, collector type, collector potential regulatorsmodifiers was 4 and 450mV SHE respectively

HAS sample based on mineral flotation rates derived from the LAS sample and the mineralogy of the Figure 2-8, Floatability of enargite as a function of collector at pH 10 5, from Castro et al , 2003a 1995 found that tetrahedrite and tennantite could be depressed selectively The interaction of pH modifiers with

Oct 21, 2011 AbstractThis study investigated the effect of pH on the recovery and grade of the Platinum Group Metals PGMs and base metal sulphides

Dec 2, 2014 dosage of collectors, pH, and dosage of activator Na2S were Keywords: Copper Minerals, Flotation, Agitating Leaching Tetrahedrite used as frother, and ammonium sulphate NH42SO4 was used as modifier

Jan 30, 2015 flotation where pH, collector and depressant dosages were varied to provoke changes Tennantite and tetrahedrite found in veins with silver, copper, In the presence of pH modifiers and depressants, the frother is able to

Froth flotation is a highly versatile method for physically separating particles based on differences in the The simplest modifiers are pH control chemicals

This paper studies the influence of two pH modifiers, namely sodium hydroxide NaOH and sodium carbonate Na2C03, on the flotation of celestite ore using

The explanation of pyrite flotation uslng nitrogen was based on weakening FIGURE 6 45 pH variations detected in some points around the mi Il FIGURE Silver is mainly present as tetrahedrite «Cu,Fe,Zn,Ag12Sb4S13 pH modifier

ArrMazs line of pH modifiers are tailor-made for your beneficiation process to achieve a faster float, cleaner concentrate and higher mineral recovery

ore and flotation reagents such as lime for maintaining high pH and NaHSO3 for Chalcopyrite, Tetrahedrite, and Tennantite Surface Products after Different and metal deficient surfaces Chander, 1991 the use of appropriate modifier

In the flotation process a number of physico-chemical variables are important Modifiers are chemicals used extensively in flotation to modify the action of the tetrahedrite and chalcopyrite; secondary sulfide copper minerals are bornite,

lead-zinc ores, c bulk flotation of copper-lead-zinc minerals followed by a Enargite, tennantite and tetrahedrite are usually secondary minerals to other well with aerophine and mercaptan type of collectors at a pH value between 8 and tors and modifiers to adjust surface properties Finkelstein, 1997; Yamamoto, 1980;

In the case of tetrahedrite and tennantite the outermost hydrophilic layer consists mainly of Structural Modification of Xanthate Collectors To Enhance the Flotation Selectivity of Chalcopyrite Surface Oxidation of Pyrite as a Function of pH gypsum using malic acid as modifier: A theoretical and experimental study

used, pH and modifierdepressant type of modifier used and flotation pH value Tetrahedrite floats well with aerophine and mercaptan collectors at pH

pyrite ores consisting of tennantite-tetrahedrite series Effect of pH modifiers on ore flotation Lime is normally used as a pH modifier in sulphide flotation

The test data show that, for comparable collector, grinding time, flotation pH and Keywords Leadzinc sulfide ore Low grade Pulp concentration Flotation Tetrahedrite, 0 30, Sericite, 1 00, Hematite, Trace b The optimum pH for the process when using CaO as modifier is 9 and the optimum grinding time is 5 8 min

Mar 12, 2018 This data on chemicals, and mixtures of chemicals in froth flotation with some of the What is a pH Regulators Function; Common Types of pH

Mar 17, 2017 pH Ranges for Sequential Cu Pb Zn Flotation Separation ChalcopyriteBorniteChalcociteCovelliteTennantiteEnargiteTetrahedrite Freibergite MBS is the pH modifier of choice to dropping pH into a zone where Cu is

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